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July 2018 Archives

Interest rate hikes may mean higher bills for consumers

Some Texas consumers may be paying a significant amount of money in credit card fees and interest. The personal finance website MagnifyMoney looked at data provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and found that Americans had paid over $104 billion in interest and fees over the past year. That number is anticipated to increase.

3 signs you are being harassed by a creditor

Countless Americans are overwhelmed by debt and seeking ways to lessen the burden it imposes on their lives. When debt goes to a collections agency, it is not uncommon for creditors to persistently harass debtors to the point of intimidation. Whether you have maxed out your credit cards or are struggling to pay your mortgage, you should know that there are debt relief options available. 

The average credit score in Texas is 656

The average Texas resident has a credit score of 656, which is considered fair but not good, and has $6,902 in revolving debt according to figures from Experian. The consumer credit reporting agency's annual State of Credit report reveals a growing North-South divide. Minnesota residents top the list with an average score of 709 while Mississippi residents have the nation's lowest average credit scores. Experts are not surprised by the data as credit scores have been following this trend for about two decades.