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Older Americans more likely to file for bankruptcy

Older people throughout Texas and the rest of America are facing a greater risk of serious financial problems. On the surface, the numbers may seem promising. There were 1.6 million bankruptcy filings in 2010, a number that dropped to 789,000 annually by 2017. However, the overall decline also includes disturbing information about the financial situation faced by Americans over the age of 55. There are a number of factors that may contribute to growing levels of insurmountable debt among older people, especially as the baby boomer generation emerges into retirement.

How to figure out if you have too much debt

If you have debt, you are not alone. Approximately 65 percent of people in the United States pay interest on credit card debt. Having some debt is okay, and it can even be healthy if it is related to some sort of goal, such as earning a degree or owning a home. So, when does it become too much?

Bankruptcy options: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

When people in Texas face overwhelming debt and are no longer able to make ends meet, they may look for options to find some relief from pending credit card debts, medical bills and other looming obligations. Personal bankruptcy can be an important choice that allows people to move forward to a new financial future. When people file for bankruptcy, they can do so in two forms: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. There are several reasons why people may choose one or the other.