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March 2019 Archives

Understanding whether Chapter 7 is the right choice

When people in Houston struggle with excessive amounts of personal debt, they may turn to bankruptcy to find a new path to financial freedom. There are several factors that can help people determine whether filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option for their situation or if they should consider Chapter 13 or another approach.

Qualifying for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy isn't an easy decision for anyone in Texas considering this option to manage debt. Once it's decided to explore options with Chapter 13, many people have questions about the details associated with this approach to bankruptcy. With income, there is no limit for filing, nor is there a limit to how much debt someone can have. However, there are limits with secured and unsecured debt: $394,725 and $1,184,200, respectively.

About Chapter 7

Bankruptcy may be an option for Texas residents who have significant debt that they are unable to pay. One type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7, is the most frequently filed bankruptcy.

Debt impacts every age group

The acceptance of debt as commonplace in everyday life seems to be a new reality for many Texas residents. According to recent studies, individual debt continues to rise among nearly every age group in the country. An analysis of what kind of debt and how much debt is being acquired by different age groups paints a revealing picture.