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May 2019 Archives

Cancer diagnosis can lead to serious medical debt

For people in Texas facing a serious medical diagnosis, debt may be a major concern. Medical debt poses a serious problem for far too many Americans, even those with health insurance. Around 20% of insured Americans continue to struggle to pay off medical debt. Many providers may be considered out-of-network, and the costs of prescription medication alone can skyrocket dramatically.

Judgments and bankruptcy

When individuals living in Texas file for bankruptcy, they typically do so because they need a fresh financial start. While most types of debts can be discharged in bankruptcy, there are a few exceptions. One type of debt that can be nondischargeable is a court judgment.

Texas consumers increasingly unable to pay credit card balances

Credit card charge-offs increased to 3.82% in the first quarter of 2019, which was the highest rate since 2012. Capital One had a charge-off rate of 5.04% during that time period. Furthermore, the seven largest credit card companies said that the number of accounts 30 days past due also increased. When an account is 30 days past due, a write-off will be more likely in the future.

A bankruptcy may fade over time

Filing for bankruptcy will have an impact on a person's credit score. However, there are scenarios in which a person in Texas will see his or her score increase after doing so. This is because most debts that were previously on a credit report will have been discharged. In some cases, credit card companies and other lenders may seek out a consumer who has just filed for bankruptcy. However, there is no guarantee that credit will be available immediately after doing so. It is also likely that a lender will charge a higher interest rate.