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June 2019 Archives

Credit card debt soaring among millennials and other Americans

Young adults in Texas and elsewhere in the United States are increasingly burdened by student loan debt, which is at an all-time high according to a leading consumer credit reporting agency. But millennials are also struggling with other types of debt, including credit card debt. While borrowers within this age group generally avoid credit cards, they're sometimes lured by appealing offers and perks.

Using a balance transfer or personal loan to pay off debt

People in Texas who are struggling with credit card debt might want to consider a personal loan to pay it off. It is not always necessary to have excellent credit to get a personal loan that has better repayment terms than the credit card. Another option is a balance transfer to a credit card that offers an APR of 0%.

Young people face mounting credit card debt

While many young people in Texas and across the country used to be known for avoiding debt, a growing number of younger Americans are facing difficulties repaying their credit card bills. According to a report by the New York Federal Reserve, overdue payments are rising among Americans age 18 to 29. Because millennials came of age during the financial crisis of the late 2000s, many of them have been hesitant to embrace significant debt. However, young people are also entering high-paying professional jobs, and they may feel better placed to pay off their credit card bills.

Patients look for medical debt solutions

For many people in Texas and across the country, treatment for a serious medical condition can be accompanied by financial disaster. Medical debt is a major burden affecting many Americans; it is one reason why people decide to file for personal bankruptcy. Even people with health insurance may face significant medical bills, especially if they require expensive prescription medications or specialized treatment provided by an out-of-network hospital. There are a few tips that people can keep in mind to help minimize their exposure to health care debt.