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2 common myths about bankruptcy debunked

Many people in Houston are struggling with debts. Some of these individuals may find themselves stressing over how to pay their car notes, mortgages and household expenses each month. As stressful as it is dealing with debt and not knowing where your next dollar may come from, there is hope in the form of bankruptcy. 

Medical debt can be conquered under the Bankruptcy Code

There seems to be some sort of impression on the internet that bankruptcy follows some kind of lavish spending spree that got out of hand. While oppressive credit card balances can cause a great deal of strife, most consumers work hard to manage their bills. The days of cash only purchases, or the use of a checkbook on a daily basis with the regular balancing process, have given way to the use of plastic.

Bankruptcy: A tool to help you regain control of your finances

If you're thinking of filing for bankruptcy, don't be ashamed. Declaring bankruptcy can wipe the slate clean and give you the fresh start you need to manage your finances. Learn how you can use bankruptcy as a tool to become debt free and develop positive habits.

What exactly is chapter 7 bankruptcy?

There are many things in life that can cause a person stress, but there are few things in modern life that can create consistent and oppressive stress like financial troubles. Whether it is caused by medical debts due to a sudden health concern, the loss of a job or many other factors, significant amounts of debt and the issues that accompany it can strain every aspect of a person’s life.