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Is Chapter 7 Your Path To Debt Relief?

Chapter 7 is the most frequently used form of personal bankruptcy. If you are eligible for Chapter 7 relief, you can discharge debts such as credit card debt and medical debt. You may be able to wipe the slate clean and use your income the way you want to use it, rather than spending it on exorbitant late fees and interest rates on your debts.

At the law office of Christopher Todd Morrison, P.C., in Houston, Texas, we have more than 15 years of experience helping people like you overcome debt. In a free attorney consultation, we will analyze your situation to determine if you are eligible and if Chapter 7 makes sense for you. If it does, we will help you file and move forward to a debt-free future.

What You Have Heard About Chapter 7 Is Wrong

There is a lot of misinformation about Chapter 7 bankruptcy out there. Unfortunately, it often stops people from getting the debt relief they need. We want to arm you with the truth.

Worried about losing all your assets? Bankruptcy is not intended to ruin you. It is designed to save you from financial ruin. Thanks to exemptions, few people lose a substantial amount of property when they file Chapter 7. In fact, Chapter 7 is often filed to preserve assets. It can prevent foreclosure and repossession.

Worried about ruining your credit? People who are considering Chapter 7 have typically already suffered damage to their credit scores. If payments continue to be missed, it will only get worse. On the other hand, if you file bankruptcy and get back on solid financial ground, it is the first step to rebuilding your credit score.

Worried that filing Chapter 7 is a personal failure? Bankruptcy is designed to help people who have found themselves in dire financial circumstances, often through no fault of their own. It was not your fault if you suffered a medical condition. It was not your fault if you lost your job. It was not your fault you were subject to predatory late fees and interest rates from your creditors that made it impossible to catch up. This is not a failure.

Worried that it’s too late to file? Even if foreclosure is looming or the repo man is at your door, you may still have time. We do emergency bankruptcy petitions.

Learn More In A Free Consultation

Want to learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and other debt relief options? Talk to an experienced lawyer today. Call 713-396-3704 or send an email.

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