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Do You Need To Stop Repossession?

If you have fallen behind on payments for your car, truck, recreational vehicle, boat or other asset and have been threatened with repossession, do not lose hope. You have options. You may not have to turn your property over to the repo man.

Bankruptcy is an effective method of stopping repossession. As soon as bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay is issued. This prevents creditors from repossessing your property or taking any other action against you while the bankruptcy is pending. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you can create a strategy to get out of debt and keep your property.

Committed To Stopping The Repo Man

At the law office of Christopher Todd Morrison, P.C., we are committed to preventing repossession. We have helped over 5,000 people in Houston and throughout Texas overcome debt through bankruptcy. Let us get to work so you do not have to give up your car, your mobility and your freedom to go where you want to go.

There Is Still Time

Lenders move quickly with repossession, but we move quickly too. Even if the repo man is at your door, you still may have time to stop repossession. We can file an emergency bankruptcy petition and get the automatic stay in effect as soon as possible.

Free Consultation

Is the repossession agent knocking? Have you received threats of repossession? Have you missed payments on your car, truck or another piece of property? Whatever the case may be, we encourage you to get in touch with an experienced attorney as fast as you can. Count on us to take immediate action to protect your assets, starting with a free consultation. To learn more about repossession prevention and bankruptcy, call 713-396-3704 or send an email.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.