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The internet is not your friend in Chapter 7 bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

People who have successfully filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy feel good about rebuilding their lives and gaining control over their spending habits. You decide you may want to blog about that because it could give others hope.

Be forewarned: When you blog about financial or other personal issues, you can quickly find the internet is a nosey neighbor and an unfriendly gossip.

Bankruptcy alone is not grounds for dismissal

In this tell-all society, it is not unusual for a current or potential employer to use its Information Technology department to sleuth out the personal side of your life. A potential employer is always interested in learning what small detail you may have accidentally omitted on your resumé.

If a current employer likes to check up on his employees from time to time, he could discover your bankruptcy. A couple of weeks later, your manager calls you into her office to say you are being downsized. The company cannot fire you for bankruptcy. They will say your job duties are no longer relevant to the corporate mission. On the other hand, if your employer fires you because she says your bankruptcy has tarnished the corporate image, ask her if she would mind writing that information on a piece of company letterhead and signing at the bottom. Then you can file an employment discrimination lawsuit and haul the company to court.

Bankruptcy could be grounds for employment rejection

What about your chance for future jobs? Can Chapter 7 bankruptcy ruin your employment future? No, that would be unlikely. That said, a bankruptcy on your credit report may derail your career if your goal is to get involved in finance or banking. Financial institutions run a credit check before hiring a job applicant. They will spot your bankruptcy. Other jobs that require you to have security clearance as part of your employment will also run a credit check. If these jobs are not federally regulated, a credit check is not likely. As long as you continue to be financially responsible, bankruptcy will not be a factor in their hiring choice.

Each situation is different. You can make a positive impression by showing the interviewer you have made strides toward financial improvement and your record shows you consistently carry out a solid post-bankruptcy plan. Another point in your favor is whether you have not taken on new debt. You may be ahead of the curve if you schedule an appointment with your bankruptcy attorney; you may receive help preparing a convincing timeline accompanied by documented proof of your financial accomplishments.