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Bankruptcy could improve an applicant’s financial future

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2019 | Bankruptcy

Personal beliefs often motivate people in Texas to avoid bankruptcy even if the struggle to pay debts becomes overwhelming. However, bankruptcy can be a positive decision that gives applicants a second chance. The process could include financial counseling that helps people eliminate bad money habits and avoid debt in the future.

One woman who shared her bankruptcy experience said that she no longer loses sleep over her debts. Although she does not have much money at present, she appreciates that chance to live life free of debt. She said that the personal finance courses that she attended as part of the bankruptcy process gave her the skills to budget and stop turning to credit cards.

In other cases, bankruptcy presents a path forward after divorce when incomes drop and old debts remain. The story of one man illustrated how his future ex-wife’s inability to pay her share of debts would have saddled him with the responsibility of paying all of their marital debts. Prior to completing their divorce, they filed bankruptcy jointly and achieved a discharge of many debts that would have overwhelmed him financially for years.

Even after divorce, bankruptcy could prevent personal financial collapse. One woman turned to bankruptcy when her income and child support could not meet her debt obligations. Once she got hit with a wage garnishment that would have resulted in total ruin for her, she sought debt relief.

The details of each bankruptcy will vary. However, the advice of an attorney could prepare someone to file court papers and understand which assets could be protected and which debts may be discharged. Legal representation may improve the applicant’s ability to fight back against creditor harassment, prevent foreclosure and avoid delays or denials in court.