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Survey finds people willing to take on debt for holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Bankruptcy

Some people in Texas may find themselves deeper in debt once the holiday season has come to an end. According to a survey by, just over half of consumers who are already in debt said they would be willing to go into further credit card debt for the holidays. Those who do not carry any debt are more reluctant with just one-quarter saying they would take on debt for the holidays.

Millennials were the group most willing to take on holiday credit card debt at 52%. Generation X was just behind them at 49% while only one-third of baby boomers said they would do so. However, these results contradicted another study by Affirm in which two-thirds of consumers said they wanted to avoid holiday debt. found that parents were particularly willing to use their credit cards during holidays with 65% who had children younger than 18 saying they would go into debt.

The desire to please family members was not uncommon across all age groups who said they would go into debt with 46% saying they would take on debt to make someone else happy. Half of men said they would be willing to go into debt compared to 41% of women. However, most people said they would pay more than the monthly minimum on their credit cards.

Credit card debt, medical debt and debt that results from job loss or other unforeseen events may all lead to overwhelming bills. People who are in this situation may want to consult an attorney about their options and whether they qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Once a person has filed for bankruptcy, all creditor action must stop, including phone calls, foreclosures and lawsuits. With a Chapter 13 filing, a person might be able to keep a home by creating a payment plan.