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What non-physical ways do debt collectors threaten people?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Bankruptcy

What do Texas residents do when they find themselves facing hard financial times? They may also deal with extra hurdles. In some cases, these hurdles may include debt collectors. Though debt collectors are not supposed to harass you, that does not mean they abide by this law.

Some people may not even realize that they are facing debt collector harassment. This is because some have a stereotypical image of what threats look like. Today we will take a look at real techniques debt collectors use to threaten people. These techniques do not involve physical violence.

Non-physical harassment and threats

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows what harassment by debt collectors may look like. It is true that they sometimes threaten physical violence. But that is one technique in a vast arsenal. More often than not, debt collectors rely on other tactics. This is because threatening physical violence can result in charges outside of harassment.

Some techniques involve capitalizing on your fears of losing your property. They may threaten you with homelessness by saying they will take your house. If you live with family or loved ones, they may hold the safety of those people over your head as well.

Harassment by pestering

Harassment is also often done by pestering you non-stop. For example, debt collectors may call you all throughout the day and night. They call in the early hours of the morning and late into the night itself. Sometimes, they will refuse to identify themselves for an extra level of threat. Not knowing when they will call or what the call is can drive many homeowners up the wall.

If you have faced any of these tactics, you are a victim of debt collector harassment and threats. There are ways that you can protect yourself which you may want to look into.