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How do you plan on keeping your debt under control?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Bankruptcy

While you accepted that filing for bankruptcy is the most favorable option for your finances and future, that does not mean you addressed the circumstances that led you to file in the first place. Without changing your relationship with money, you may file for bankruptcy again.

Forbes suggests learning how to control your debt to improve your financial health. Use bankruptcy as an opportunity to improve your financial know-how.

Meet with an advisor

Consider talking with a financial advisor to learn how to properly spend and save your money according to your financial goals. Financial professionals can guide you in managing your debt properly and taking control of your income. For example, ask an advisor how many bank accounts you should have and how to manage them.

Create a financial plan and budget

What financial goals do you have for yourself? Do you need to create a budget or adjust your current budget? With a financial plan and a sound budget, you have a better idea of where and how your money flows in and out. One of the greatest strengths of financial plans and budgets is that they help keep you accountable.

Categorize debt

Do not lump debt into a single pile. Instead, categorize debt according to interest rate and what you stand to lose by neglecting payments, such as losing your home if you do not pay your mortgage. Decide which debt to pay more than the regular monthly amount, so you can eliminate the debt quicker and have funds left over for extra payments toward other debts.

You do not have to feel stuck with debt for the rest of your life. The right plan can protect your finances and peace of mind.