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October 2017 Archives

Using debt consolidation to pay off consumer debt

Texas residents who have a lot of consumer debt may be able to find relief through debt consolidation if they are serious about and dedicated to improving their financial situations. In a debt consolidation, a person's high-interest debts are consolidated into one payment at a lower interest rate.

Federal Reserve reveals worrying increase in credit card debt

Consumer spending in Texas and around the country was subdued in August according to a report released recently by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Total consumer debt in the United States increased by $17.7 billion in July according to the central bank, but only $13.1 billion was added to the nation's debt total in August. However, a closer scrutiny of the figures reveals a potentially worrying increase in credit spending and a sharp decline in student and automobile loans.

Things to know before filing bankruptcy

Texas consumers who are struggling with debt may already be aware of the protections conveyed by bankruptcy. Those who are considering filing a bankruptcy petition should take into account at least three considerations as they make their decisions. First, it's important to be aware of the different types of bankruptcy available. Second, individuals should know about the cost of filing and other costs associated with the process. Finally, knowledge of the limitations of bankruptcy protection is important.